Our History

Saint Barth

Rhum Saint-Barth was born in the continuity and logic following the conception of Rhum-Island in Saint-Martin. With the validation of the Collectivity of Saint-Barthelémy and the joint development of the graphics of the bottles according to the specifications of this one: We have developed a St-Barth rum.
To do this, the recipes are crafted from a careful selection of spirits from neighboring French islands such as Guadeloupe and Marie-Galante. We assemble and develop this rum, in accordance with the strict rules for making unique, high-quality rums. aromas labeled “Rhum St-Barh”. After maturing and blending in Saint-Martin in the purest artisanal tradition, we are proud to present a rum with exceptional taste characteristics. Finally, bottling and distribution are handled by our team.
Island Compagnie raises and publishes its fine and harmonious rums, with delicate notes, in homage to these 2 corners of paradise, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelémy

Bottling workshop

rhum saint barth.atelier
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