Our History

The Rhum St Barth History

1st rum aged, assembled and bottled by Island Compagnie for Saint-Barhélemy on the island of Saint-Martin in Bourbon and Bordeaux oak barrels, a unique selection of rums from the French West Indies.

Why another rum this new rum and the first?

It was in the logic that Saint-Martin had its identity with Rhum Island. Using the same logic, we created Saint Barth rum with the same “pelican” emblem specific to the identity of the two sister islands.

In 2018, the President of the Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy trusted us and granted us the right to use the name “Saint-Barth” following the tasting and validation of the logo.

It only took a few words “It should be done…”

We have carefully taken the time to fine-tune the marketing, which is the result of these lovely engraved bottles from cognac in France.

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